Week 1: Notions of Success

Dear Abhishek,

This week I had a chance to revisit the idea of success, what does it consists of, does it have a singular meaning or does it change from person to person. Below, I summarize my learning on three concepts related to success which I think we can benefit from.

  1. I conventionally though of success as something which makes my family happy, it gave me happiness too. We are on the right track with this one but here is a thought, will simply being happy give you the satisfaction that is heavenly? Research shows that a better approach to success is to hit a range of dimensions including self, family, work and community in the realms of happiness, achievement, significance and legacy. Time is limited, try out activities which hit a lot of these dimensions together and I believe you will see a difference.
  2. Sometimes even after achieving something you may feel empty inside, what causes this? The answer my friend is lack of coherence of your action with your values. I have created a list of values for us and Freedom, Courage and Unity are on the top of it. Yay! The idea is to pursue opportunities where the way to success reinforces these values rather than hurting them. Keep an eye open for a match and have a blast.
  3. I have learned over the years to not compare my situation with someone else. Everyone has a different story and you simply can’t judge people and start comparing. This learning shows that we are correct on this one. One potential way of positive comparison is to delve into the story of the person you see as a success be it your mentors or your peers and find out how did they do it? You can then possibly learn something out of it and apply to your own life.

As a final appeal, get out of the definitions set out by peers, family and society. Listen to your own heart! Make ambitious goals and keep them on a realistic time period and don’t be afraid to fail (we talk about this next week).

Keep rocking!