I Am Jackie Chan: A Tribute

I am standing in the sky on the roof of a glass and steel office tower in Rotterdam, Holland. There are twenty-one floors of air between me and the concrete pavement below. I am about to do what I do best. I am about to jump.

Jackie Chan, the name needs no introduction. Every person of this generation has seen and enjoyed his movies. Once you start watching his movies, it seems like a hidden dimension of entertainment has just opened up with lots of jaw dropping stunts, awesome kung-fu fights and genius strokes of humor. It is a no-brainer why Jackie is the childhood hero for many of his fans. He inspires to imagine, to dare and to execute.

Of all the movies I have seen, he never takes the easy way out of a situation. He performs the stunts in the most insane and unimaginable way possible and captures them with expert detail. This approach by Jackie leaves his audience fascinated scene after scene. Although it serves to entertain the masses, executing such stunts is no easy task. It has been reported that one of the scenes in Dragon Lord took Jackie over 2000 takes to shoot right !

While we are talking about stunts; let’s look at some from over 60 years of Chan~

Have you ever imagined what goes inside the mind of this genius, what was his life like and how he goes about doing stunts which even the industry professionals have second thoughts about. To get a look into it, you should definitely check out his autobiography: “I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action”. I read it recently and was amazed by his life’s story. It is a great read for everyone and you end up with tons of raw inspiration.

Find the book on Amazon here: Amazon_link

Almost getting adopted at birth, growing up under adverse conditions in Hong Kong, dropping out of school, spending a decade in Opera Training School, working as junior stuntmen, facing recession ; all this and we get our very own Jackie. Our hero conveys that its importance to take chances, more so when you want to make it large. For those who can’t buy the book outright there is an audiobook too. I am setting up a demo file which has a portion of the audiobook. Check it out and remember to buy the book if you find it cool. Find the audiobook link below:

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action [Audiobook]

Jackie Chan’s legacy will last forever!