Destination Srinagar

It was the morning of 9th May, 2013.


I woke up instinctively before the alarm could buzz off. I had been through hundreds of mornings in that place. A typical routine: “ The alarm goes off, I wake up to the noise and switch it off before my roomie (Shashank) gets up. I quickly get ready and dash off for my classes while my mate is busy in yoga sessions. After spending a few hours on studies, I come back for lunch and then move again for the practical sessions. Finally, after a hard days work I stroll by the canal with friends and spend the rest of the night playing games, watching movies or chatting with friends.”

However this morning was different from all those, there was no hurry. It seemed like I could wait for an eternity. This was my last morning in this abode (IIT Ropar). Four years lived and now it was time for goodbye. Whatever begins one day has to end some other day.

        I packed my bags, bid farewell to whoever was awake and left my abode, without looking back. Cause if I even looked back once, moving forward would have been ten times difficult. With memories swarming in my mind, pulling myself and my luggage, I reached the main gate for my final check out.


The Chandigarh airport was pretty crowded at my arrival but soon became empty after a few takeoffs. After a wait of an hour I boarded the SG121 for Srinagar. I had heard a lot about this place, both from my parents and from the news and was excited about the journey. The skies started clearing off and I could see majestic mountain ranges with snowy tributaries. Across these ranges, there rests a valley, the Srinagar valley. The jet began to descend as it was about to land. It was time to check out this heaven on earth.


It was pretty cool (relative to the weather at Chandigarh) with the thermo at 23 degree Celsius.  There were mountains all around and in the middle lies this valley which I was standing on. The Airport is located inside the Air Force Base, which in turn is located inside the Army Base. Hence, security is very tight. My dad was there to pick me up and soon I reached my home.

           Due to obvious reasons, I can’t divulge many details in my description here but I will try to give you a glimpse of the region. First comes the airport itself, due to its closeness with the base, the runway is open for transportation. Some of the best memories of Srinagar are those of riding my bike parallel to the runway and competing with the Boeing 747’s taking-off/ Landing. Planes taking off into the sky just like WE are going to reach the skies now (Graduation Over).

The city needs no description. Its beauty is beyond compare and no words can describe it, only way for you to know is to visit this heaven for yourself. But in spite of this fathomless beauty, Srinagar also bears some deep sorrows in itself.

           Just the day when I arrived, I heard news of 3 Jawans being killed by terrorists. The irony of the situation is a common fact for the residents. On every crossroad one can see Armed Army Jawans patrolling the region. On top of tall buildings are snipers with the “00” authority. This is no movie I am talking about, they have got the license to kill – “Shoot at Sight for any suspicious activity”. All this security can beat the crap out of even Hitman and seems scary at times but just one look at the horizon and one’s mind is soothed by the beautiful scene.

           “AJEET HAI, ABHEET HAI” is the sign you can read inscribed on the mountain pass bordering the army base. Human determination is after all very powerful. The soldiers are determined and the militants are also not giving way. Only time will tell…..

Fast Recovery from Bone Fracture

How to recover from a bone fracture fast

My leg has been fractured for about three months and during this whole duration of time, I have been trying to find out ways so that the healing process could be accelerated. This blog contains all that I have come to know about healing of bone fractures.

Before beginning, I would like to make a point here. I assume that you belong to that 99% of the population who cannot afford those high medical facilities; because otherwise you won’t be reading this in the first place. The techniques which I’m about to disclose right now are meant for the common folks who do not have such high-handed access to superb medical facilities of the 21st century. The crux is: maybe there exists some kind of medicine which can heal you right in a month and the natural ways are not even close to that speed.

So these are my four commandments:

1.       Nutrition

Whenever the fracture occurs, our body readily tries to heal it up. This process consumes a lot of resources and food is the only hope. Therefore, eat lots of food. Consider the healing process as a marathon going on. The runner needs lots of energy to keep on going. If you don’t provide that energy, your runner is going to slack and the healing process is going to take forever. So eat heartily.

2.       Calcium

Now, the bones are made of calcium, we all know that. It only makes perfect sense that to repair those broken bones you need a lot of calcium. So, go for the natural resources: milk, curd, search the web.

One important thing to keep in mind is eating calcium won’t solve the problem completely, your body needs to absorb it; primarily the region that has been fractured. For this you need vitamin D.

3.       Sunlight

Vitamin D is generated in our body through sunlight absorption. I would suggest that get outside as much as you can and bake yourself. I also figured a technique which would ensure daily minimum requirements of vitamin D. Sleep in such a position that the morning sunshine through the window falls directly on the broken part of your body. In this way, you will unconsciously absorb enough vitamin D every single day before you even wake up.

*If your calcium tablet already contains vitamin D supplements, then forget about the sunlight part.

4.       Exercise

Start three weeks after you fractured your bone. Perform some resistance training involving the fractured part. Do this kind of an exercise once a week, not more than that. It’s very important that you don’t overdo because you may screw yourself even worse. Many doctors would not suggest this kind of a routine but my experience tells me otherwise. If you perform this kind of a routine exercise, you stimulate the broken part, employing blood flow through that part (rich of nutrition) and may be cause some pain too. This in turn stimulates the secretion of healing juices which will ensure that the healing process is taking place fast. However, do not overdo the exercise. Remember, we’re talking about just simulating the part and not working out.

5.       Ligament Juice of Goat

This is not a tested idea and hence not in my commandments but it’s still worth a try. Follow this at your own risk. Some of the tribal folks here believe that drinking the ligament juice of goat can speed up the healing process. They give examples of people who had a two-month fracture and were relieved within three weeks. Now that’s intimidating and I wanted to try it out but I didn’t know about the time I will have to wait for the healing process to complete. If I had knew that it is going to take so long then I would have surely went for the goat.


I’m currently three months through my bone fracture and still not fit to run. So guys do follow these steps from day one as sincerely as you can and save precious time of free running. Surely you don’t want to be a sitting duck for long. I would love to have your recovery stories in the comments and whether you were able to outperform the Doctor duration.

//            What Doesn’t Kills You Makes You Strong             //

The Third Leg

The morning sunshine broke through the window; my blanket was drenched with sweat. Electricity was out the whole previous night and the Chandigarh heat took its toll on us. You don’t want to wake up in a small room with no cooling in it, this was our present scenario. The unpleasant wake-up call was followed by morning routine, bathing and eating. Up next, we waited for the auto down the streets.

The plan was set, I was to go for simulation in bond graph theory and Manish would take care of the molecular dynamics problem. Soon we reached the place, as arid as ever. Special buses were entering through the gate meant only for the DRDO personnel. Our buddies were waiting for us. After showing some ID proof, we marched in to meet our destiny. Contrary to what I had thought earlier, the project assignment didn’t require much of an argument. The scientist was ready to go with what we had thought and told us the details of those projects. [By the way, the project work is classified and cannot be disclosed].

The doctor made it clear that this can work as a virtual internship and there was no need for us to stay at Chandigarh. This news was good for me as I would get some rest time at home and pursue the project from there only. But Manish really wanted some labour work and was not happy with the decision. The guys at the ATF section where given a working project, such that they would be coming to TBRL every day.

So, that was it. The travelling part of our internship was over and over for good. I met all my mates the next day and then went off to bhatinda. Boy, was I glad? Totally! I spent the next few months modeling and simulating the X-phenomenon. It’s a lot of work and the results are not so good yet but I consider myself lucky for this event. There’s no place like home.

It seems that this third leg marked the end of the typical internship which my fellow mates will be performing this summer. Right now, I’m sitting in an air-conditioned room, chilling out, playing games, doing new stuff and working whenever I feel like. No one can argue, this is the best part of a virtual internship.

If you are reading my blog to get some insight into the working of this defence organization and whether it is a good idea to go there? , then what I would suggest is that, it’s worth the bargain. You get few very experienced people around you in addition to the usual huge pool of novices. Who knows, maybe you can even get a paper published or even get a call from NASA {this bit was added by my mentor}. Anyways, if you got the passion and are willing to do hard work this is just the right place for you. I don’t know whether I will be able to complete this project or not, but some of the experience gained here will surely come handy all the way.


May 7, 2012

Mixed emotions craving through my head, a sense of joy and the fear of the unknown.

The morning sunshine broke my sleep and I glanced at the bedside clock ‘it was seven’, woke up well before the alarm time. Manish was also up, staring at the window. Maybe its natural for such emotions to emerge in this kind of a situation, start of a new adventure.

We got ready for the proceedings of the day, starting with an auto ride to TBRL. The streets were filled with various auto mobiles  jostling their way through the morning traffic. The route was the same as earlier but the environment represented morning freshness. We also saw a Mini Cooper on the Indian roads for the first time.

After a half an hour ride, we reached our destination. Today the place looked quite active. Many buses entered the region and many came out. The guard pointed us to the visitor’s room and told us to wait. The room was a sort of reunion with the other Roparians waiting inside. They were also showing signs of mixed emotions. After some talk and id proofing, we were sent to the HRD Department. “So you are from IIT Ropar, students don’t get much internships here but you are lucky. The orders are straight from above.” these were the words of the head official at HRD who greeted us. After some paperwork and thumb impressions, it was time to allocate departments to the intern trainees. I informed him about the condition of my leg and to my relief; he showed compassion by setting me up in the metallurgy department. “You will be given some sitting work”, said the head official. Next he allocated the departments to my fellows, one in metallurgy, two in ATF, one in Baffle. One of my pals is from Kashmir. When the official was allocating the departments, he cried out “Who is from Kashmir?”  and the look on my mate’s face was priceless. But soon enough the tension eased as the official added, “Just for the records”.

After that we parted ways and went in for what we supposed some real work. The metallurgy department was not far from the HRD Department. I walked down the road, crossed a corner and there was it “VAJRA”. It’s the official name for metallurgy department and even has a full-form. I met my guide in one of the rooms. He gave us a warm welcome and soon got to the point. “Doing a project for just two months is pointless, it won’t lead to any productive work. I suggest you to extend these projects as your B.Tech Projects and continue working throughout the year. The chances of success are much higher that way.”, his conviction in this regard made us thoughtful. He presented two projects, one on molecular dynamics for exploding bridge wire and the other on implementing Bond graph theory to detonation dynamics. The topics were new to us and time was needed to reach a final decision. The scientist then presented us a piece of advice – “Go for a M.S. after your graduation from a foreign institute and it will be all fine afterwards. If you work hard on these projects, you will surely get great results.” After some further talk, we were given leave for the day.

Next we moved to the library to check out some material and then went to the canteen to have our lunch. After that, we came back to our NAC den. The day has been easy and the work is quite interesting. Many night hours were spent deciding which project to take. My mate seemed to like the molecular dynamics version as it would be under a professor in our own collage, so he won’t have to move around a lot. This was fine with me as the bond graph theory seemed interesting to me and I don’t mind making a few trips to NIT Jalandhar . So, in this way all was set. We also sought advice from collage professors about the BTP conversion and got positive response.

Tomorrow we shall be receiving some specialized work in the respective areas.


Internship at Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) , Village Ramgarh, Haryana

May 6, 2012

Yesterday I reached this reverend place, Chandigarh. After a lot of calculations in my mind and tons of waiting hours, the destination has been finally reached. I am here with my mom, dad and my internmate Manish Anand. The place is hot and dry, situated in the remotest place possible. I have been able to view the boundary walls only for today but I hope to explore more tomorrow.

Twenty days have passed since I fractured my left foot. All this time I was busy in playing games and writing the end sem exams but now a whole new scenario has emerged. “The foot must be getting good, get some rest and you will be fine” these were the lines of Dr. Samir Siddiq ( Ortheopadics Specialist ), which I believed whole heartedly but the present status of my foot pain tells me otherwise.

Me and some of my pals have been selected for internship at TBRL, one of the defence laboratories of India, considered to be institution of national importance. The lucky people are – Manish Anand, Lalit Aggarwal, Ankush Kumar, Jyotiraj Thakuria and Harshpreet Singh. Jyotiraj backed out at the last moment and went to guwahati for the internship. He had valid reasons for the switch; it is his hometown. The rest of the pack is required to complete 50 working days internship at TBRL. Now I must say 50 working days converts to 70 normal days ( Saturday and Sunday are free days ), which means a toil of a little over two months. The official reporting date is May 7, 2012 i.e. tomorrow.

I was thinking all the time that my leg would get well till the startup date but the reality is not meant for faint hearted. Its definitely better than earlier but gives me creeps while walking. Still, I am determined to make this internship a success by pulling up all the green will I have. The stake is too high for me to back off. Money estimates has put the expenditures to about 10000 INR per month. The travel will take almost 2 hours each day and you have to also live in a very congested house with three beds and no room to move in, thanks to mr. lalit (internmate) and the esteemed landlord mr. avinash garg. The present address of stay is house no.- 136, NAC Area, Moneymajra,Chandigarh.

This city is quite costly with respect to the IIT Ropar standards that I have been molded into for the past three years. A good thing about the place is the tiffin system operating here, 3 time meals right at your doorstep; what else do you want? I had my own doubts about the food but the lunch eased those thoughts of mine and after all this hoop and holla, I was finally feeling happy about something. The room has been bought to life with the efforts of my mom and dad, all neat and clean, goods stored at their right places and certain essential protocols formed for the conduct of me and my roomie in the future.

An auto was fixed for making daily trips to TBRL and then we went to visit the actual site.

15 km is a negligible distance when you hear about it from someone but when you are traveling the route two times a day daily, the gravity of the situation emerges out. The auto passed through many corners and circles and reached the boundary of NAC (non-affiliated chandigarh). It’s a strange name to think of, just like the boundary reigon between India- Pakistan, this territory was also controversial in ownership. Now, the chandigarh reigon was well- developed with a host of buildings. One of them, the Shalimar mall was a distinguishable feature on the route. After passing the boundary we were in haryana marked by several posters of the Hudda Government. The place was called Ramgarh, home of TBRL. It’s a village and marked by fallow land lying unused, waste-dumping sites and a dried up river. Industrialization didn’t reached this part of the map, the tail has been cut-off at NAC.

The place was isolated and fit for defence establishments. The reigon also houses Tibetian Border Secuirity Force, the roadside view shows young men performing various drills like climbing ropes, running and even martial arts. Passing this point there was Tribune Vihar, a residential area and finally comes up a TBRL sign board followed by the main gate. The place was huge and from the records it spreads over 5500 square kms. The reception at the main gate was not very warm. “Intern trainees to report tomorrow, you can’t enter today. No accommodation or bus facility available for trainees.” I was a bit cranked at this point but the advice of seniors “You can’t expect any help from the government organizations like DRDO, you have to work on your own there.” calmed me down. We made an inquiry about any accommodation available nearby as the 15 km ride will be heavy on our time and pockets. The guard was clueless about any spot but showed us an advertisement on the newspaper regarding a PG in Panchkula. We left TBRL for the first time, without even entering inside but with a question in mind,”What’s that white chimney like thing ?”, a tall and wide cylindrical structure stood near the secuirity department of TBRL. Even the guards were clueless about the structure.

The search started, after half an hour of phone calls we got something. The landlord came and showed us the way to the spot. The place was spacious enough for five students but the back side of the coin was the location of the house, inspite of being close to TBRL there were secuirity considerations in the house. Nevertheless, rather than spending two months in a kabutar kahana, its better to deal with some secuirity issues but my roomie thinks otherwise. Even with comparable prices we could not move because the landlord was paid in advance and was not willing to let us go before the end of the month. Hence, I was stuck in manimajra. The rooms not that bad, we got a TV, Fridge, Washing machine and a desert cooler.

Time passed by and the dinner tiffin arrived on time. Opening my crepe bandage and feeling the surge of blood flow through the veins of my foot, I enjoyed my dinner. New challenges await tomorrow, my first official visit to TBRL Chandigarh.

Thor CapA GrL

Awesome trio to watch out for

The recent releases

Marvel – Thor, CaptainAmerica

DC – Green Lantern

Really bring out the advancement in audio and video effects used in movies. These movies were highly awaited by fans. The superhero stage is beginning to set for the first time in movies.

Earlier we had Superman, Batman, Spiderman and lately The incredible hulk. The streak was followed by iron man and several sequels of the above but apart from the whole ‘hero saves the day’ plot; these were just centered to their own universe. But in reality [ real  fiction ] , world is one they say.

The new trio release clears this point and tries to bring everything closer by clearing way for multi super hero releases. That’s right – I am talking about “Avengers” and “Justice League”.

In the movie Thor, one is introduced to the mighty Thor, lightning god. Down with his incredible hammer MOZIR, he is ready to pulp out any evil. The movie show cases the original story of Thor, an intro which places thor in the superhero league. The movie also does reference to the Stark Enterprises [Iron Man] and a multi stage seems possible.

Backing the league, there’s Green Lantern filled with the power of self- will, the power of green to beat the powers of fear. And… he succeeds in doing so. However this movie doesn’t provide any reference to the ally heroes (superman, batman, etc.). I begin to think whether they will be going multi or not, but with such a huge fan following and so large a profitable opportunity of movie production, its least likely that dc will back off from justice league. However, it’s a long way to go for and requires more movies in order to introduce flash (which I am very much waiting for), wonder woman and hawk girl.

Last in my list is CaptainAmerica. The movie was cool introduced in world war era. This plot also boasts highly of the stark enterprise and more connections seem to be building. If B related to A and C related to A implies B related to C (associative law).

One thing that killed my mood in these movies was the super fast screenplay. It’s understandable that with a lot of history to these characters, the movie has to show a lot of story in a very limited time and these guys did a good job for that matter. Well, that’s all from my side and I really wish that DC and Marvel will forget their rivalry in the near future to bring down the experience of a lifetime.

** Avengers has already been released.

** Marvel is starting it’s own “The Amazing Spiderman” series to make spidey available for avengers next season.