I hail from a small town in West Bengal, named Batanagar situated on the bank of the Ganges. The town gets its name from Bata, the international shoe manufacturer. While growing up, I travelled throughout the length and breadth of India, courtesy of father serving in Indian Air Force. I have studied in multiple schools while hopping from one state to another. Every couple of years I would see myself in a new school and make new friends.

In 2009, I joined IIT Ropar (Punjab) to study Mechanical Engineering and became part of its second batch. It was a challenging and enlightening experience to be part of a college in its nascent state. In 2012, I worked as an intern in TBRL, DRDO and honed my research skills. In 2013, I graduated and joined Timetooth Technologies (Noida) as an Analyst. My work involved engineering research and development using computer simulations. Working in a growing startup, I played multiple roles to keep the ball rolling.

In 2015, I quit my job to primarily invest more time in preparation of CAT and partly to venture out from my usual job. In the following months, I acted as a consultant working on specialized computer simulations. During this period, I developed an interest in the financial markets and actively traded in stocks and options with a focus on studying patterns.

Currently, I am pursuing MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. I also act as a team member of MARS, the student run retail store at IIMB.

My learning from life can be summed up in this awesome quote: “If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together!”



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