The truth of life ;)

Hello me ,

It is with immense pleasure that I write to you about the truth of life that has been figured by you/me in a dream today. It may seem illogical but it has at the moment got your/mine full gut support and intuition. It is so profound that I am ready to follow it till I cease to live. I am sure you will follow it too, as this is the truth that defines our existence in this mortal and intellectual world. As such there was no need to make a written version of this.

However, due various situations and circumstances, a time may arise when you may feel that this is not the truth and try to find meaning elsewhere. No one knows for sure what the actual truth is, to each his own. In such moments of indecision, I present to you a written version of the truth to ponder upon and decide. You will be the master always. Even if you become a slave for someone, even then you are your own master. Before starting, there is one simple fact that needs to be mentioned: The truth is so profound, huge and clear that I for one may not be able to put it into words, but I will give it a go under this morning sunshine.

“The ultimate truth of life is life goes on, your only task is being happy. Let go off all worries and focus always on the bright side. Fill your heart with passion and work for long lasting happiness. Be instinctive, be thoughtful, be sincere, be a motivator, be ready, be in the moment. There will always be a bright side, focus on that only and you shall relish the truth. Work towards your goals to make this life better. Tragedies are a part of life and will be there to test you. Do not fall, do not stop, keep moving, keep trying. You must try to improve on you as life progresses, you have only got one life and if you are not taking it ahead, you are disrespecting your life. Life is not meant to be disrespected, it’s the single greatest thing that has occurred to you, courtesy of your parents. If you are wasting your time, not putting full effort and not enjoying in the moment; then it shows disrespect to your life. Are you sure you want to do this? People will be there to uplift you, break you, ridicule you, scold you,  curse you, envy you, be an ass to you. You know what, it does’t matter (life goes on). These have not learned their truth yet, so pray in silence for them and move on. There are no hard and fast rules of life but this is all I can put up from my dream. Enjoy the journey, every second’s worth of freedom, embrace change, be adaptable, work smart, train hard and always remember to EXCELSIOR! ”

No one, absolutely no one can avoid the voids of life but you see, the universe is infinite and life goes on. In this space-time continuum you have got more than enough ways to fill that void of your’s, make yourself completely full with life and while at it, you can also fill the voids of others around you. Mother Teresa was here at this point. However some may go for the root cause analysis and preach the truth itself so that everyone can benefit from it. Buddha was here at this point. But the sad thing is, truth of life is a matter which needs immense strength in believing and deep conviction in heart, such that it is not even momentarily disturbed by the tsunami of situations and circumstances brought in by life. You see, life is itself infinite in context. It is very important to choose what to live for as the options are infinite and your choice must be the happy way for you. Show some respect for your existence. Get up and start moving, nah! run wild.

NOTE: Whenever your spirit is low do this : Kame….. Hame…… Haaaaaaa


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