Beetel 450TC2: Reliance Broadband Setup

I recently got the 2 Mbps broadband plan from reliance to upgrade my existing Airtel Broadband connection. The setup was all smooth until the wi-fi issue crept in. The reliance guys provided me with this netis wired router:


which is of no good use for a wi-fi setup (essential). I had the old beetel 450TC2 modem+ router supplied with Airtel connection on me and asked the guy to configure it instead. He started asking money for this shit. The beetel router I am working on is shown below.


So I said, fuck this shit and went on setting it up myself. (Fuck this broadband war b/w reliance & airtel).

Here is a step by step guide on how to do it yourself:

Assumptions : You have a working internet connection established on the good for nothing netis router and your beetel router is supplied by airtel (had a working internet connection established). Also, save this firmware file on your PC before starting the setup: firmware

  1. Reset the beetel router: Switch on the router. Press the reset button on the back side of the router with a needle/toothpick and keep it pressed for about a minute.
  2. Connect to PC: Connect the reset router to your PC via  an Ethernet cable. Open your browser and type into your address bar ““.Login using id: “admin” , password: “password“. You should be inside the router interface.
  3. Upgrade firmware on beetel router: Time to use the earlier saved firmware file. Go to the maintenance tab and click on Firmware sub tab. Click the choose file for uploading firmware and select the earlier saved file. Press the button below to upgrade firmware. It will take a  few minutes.
  4. Reset the beetel again: After the upgrade, perform another reset as mentioned in step 1 ( or through the router software interface ).
  5. Setup the beetel: Login  to the router using  id: “admin” , password: “admin“. Go to the quick start tab and run the startup wizard. Set your time zone to GMT +05:30 and click next , select your ip connection as dynamic ip and click next , change the vpi to 0 and vci to 35 (leave everything else unchanged) and click next, set your ssid and password for the wi-fi connection and click next. DONE!
  6. Enjoy: Connect the broadband DSL wire to the router and type : “” . Enter your credentials and you are good to go. Connect to wi-fi with another device.

That’s it folks!


10 thoughts on “Beetel 450TC2: Reliance Broadband Setup

  1. I have a ADSL2+CPE, model- beetel 450TC1, was used before with Airtel , but now I will install with the Alliance Broadband as well as desk top and Laptop plz can you help me regarding setting and installation process and also not open the link also plz help any one. Tnx to all of You

    1. You should make a backup of the old firmware and try to load the new. If it works out, great. Otherwise, it will simply show error and the changes will be reverted. No problem in trying it out!

  2. Hi Abhished …

    This seems really helpful…I just have one small question…the firmware file which you have loaded here ..short description of this file says its for TP LINK ( pdf attached in zip file is also for TP LINK ) will this work for Beetel TC2 450 ? Kindly confirm

  3. Dear Abhishek, I tried the way you said, but its not resetting or upgrading.
    As after second reset it is still not accepting the password “admin” instead of “password”.
    secondly it shows error “ERROR: FAIL TO UPDATE DUE TO… Duplicate to a VPI/VCI ! “

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