Fast Recovery from Bone Fracture

How to recover from a bone fracture fast

My leg has been fractured for about three months and during this whole duration of time, I have been trying to find out ways so that the healing process could be accelerated. This blog contains all that I have come to know about healing of bone fractures.

Before beginning, I would like to make a point here. I assume that you belong to that 99% of the population who cannot afford those high medical facilities; because otherwise you won’t be reading this in the first place. The techniques which I’m about to disclose right now are meant for the common folks who do not have such high-handed access to superb medical facilities of the 21st century. The crux is: maybe there exists some kind of medicine which can heal you right in a month and the natural ways are not even close to that speed.

So these are my four commandments:

1.       Nutrition

Whenever the fracture occurs, our body readily tries to heal it up. This process consumes a lot of resources and food is the only hope. Therefore, eat lots of food. Consider the healing process as a marathon going on. The runner needs lots of energy to keep on going. If you don’t provide that energy, your runner is going to slack and the healing process is going to take forever. So eat heartily.

2.       Calcium

Now, the bones are made of calcium, we all know that. It only makes perfect sense that to repair those broken bones you need a lot of calcium. So, go for the natural resources: milk, curd, search the web.

One important thing to keep in mind is eating calcium won’t solve the problem completely, your body needs to absorb it; primarily the region that has been fractured. For this you need vitamin D.

3.       Sunlight

Vitamin D is generated in our body through sunlight absorption. I would suggest that get outside as much as you can and bake yourself. I also figured a technique which would ensure daily minimum requirements of vitamin D. Sleep in such a position that the morning sunshine through the window falls directly on the broken part of your body. In this way, you will unconsciously absorb enough vitamin D every single day before you even wake up.

*If your calcium tablet already contains vitamin D supplements, then forget about the sunlight part.

4.       Exercise

Start three weeks after you fractured your bone. Perform some resistance training involving the fractured part. Do this kind of an exercise once a week, not more than that. It’s very important that you don’t overdo because you may screw yourself even worse. Many doctors would not suggest this kind of a routine but my experience tells me otherwise. If you perform this kind of a routine exercise, you stimulate the broken part, employing blood flow through that part (rich of nutrition) and may be cause some pain too. This in turn stimulates the secretion of healing juices which will ensure that the healing process is taking place fast. However, do not overdo the exercise. Remember, we’re talking about just simulating the part and not working out.

5.       Ligament Juice of Goat

This is not a tested idea and hence not in my commandments but it’s still worth a try. Follow this at your own risk. Some of the tribal folks here believe that drinking the ligament juice of goat can speed up the healing process. They give examples of people who had a two-month fracture and were relieved within three weeks. Now that’s intimidating and I wanted to try it out but I didn’t know about the time I will have to wait for the healing process to complete. If I had knew that it is going to take so long then I would have surely went for the goat.


I’m currently three months through my bone fracture and still not fit to run. So guys do follow these steps from day one as sincerely as you can and save precious time of free running. Surely you don’t want to be a sitting duck for long. I would love to have your recovery stories in the comments and whether you were able to outperform the Doctor duration.

//            What Doesn’t Kills You Makes You Strong             //


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