May 7, 2012

Mixed emotions craving through my head, a sense of joy and the fear of the unknown.

The morning sunshine broke my sleep and I glanced at the bedside clock ‘it was seven’, woke up well before the alarm time. Manish was also up, staring at the window. Maybe its natural for such emotions to emerge in this kind of a situation, start of a new adventure.

We got ready for the proceedings of the day, starting with an auto ride to TBRL. The streets were filled with various auto mobiles  jostling their way through the morning traffic. The route was the same as earlier but the environment represented morning freshness. We also saw a Mini Cooper on the Indian roads for the first time.

After a half an hour ride, we reached our destination. Today the place looked quite active. Many buses entered the region and many came out. The guard pointed us to the visitor’s room and told us to wait. The room was a sort of reunion with the other Roparians waiting inside. They were also showing signs of mixed emotions. After some talk and id proofing, we were sent to the HRD Department. “So you are from IIT Ropar, students don’t get much internships here but you are lucky. The orders are straight from above.” these were the words of the head official at HRD who greeted us. After some paperwork and thumb impressions, it was time to allocate departments to the intern trainees. I informed him about the condition of my leg and to my relief; he showed compassion by setting me up in the metallurgy department. “You will be given some sitting work”, said the head official. Next he allocated the departments to my fellows, one in metallurgy, two in ATF, one in Baffle. One of my pals is from Kashmir. When the official was allocating the departments, he cried out “Who is from Kashmir?”  and the look on my mate’s face was priceless. But soon enough the tension eased as the official added, “Just for the records”.

After that we parted ways and went in for what we supposed some real work. The metallurgy department was not far from the HRD Department. I walked down the road, crossed a corner and there was it “VAJRA”. It’s the official name for metallurgy department and even has a full-form. I met my guide in one of the rooms. He gave us a warm welcome and soon got to the point. “Doing a project for just two months is pointless, it won’t lead to any productive work. I suggest you to extend these projects as your B.Tech Projects and continue working throughout the year. The chances of success are much higher that way.”, his conviction in this regard made us thoughtful. He presented two projects, one on molecular dynamics for exploding bridge wire and the other on implementing Bond graph theory to detonation dynamics. The topics were new to us and time was needed to reach a final decision. The scientist then presented us a piece of advice – “Go for a M.S. after your graduation from a foreign institute and it will be all fine afterwards. If you work hard on these projects, you will surely get great results.” After some further talk, we were given leave for the day.

Next we moved to the library to check out some material and then went to the canteen to have our lunch. After that, we came back to our NAC den. The day has been easy and the work is quite interesting. Many night hours were spent deciding which project to take. My mate seemed to like the molecular dynamics version as it would be under a professor in our own collage, so he won’t have to move around a lot. This was fine with me as the bond graph theory seemed interesting to me and I don’t mind making a few trips to NIT Jalandhar . So, in this way all was set. We also sought advice from collage professors about the BTP conversion and got positive response.

Tomorrow we shall be receiving some specialized work in the respective areas.


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