Thor CapA GrL

Awesome trio to watch out for

The recent releases

Marvel – Thor, CaptainAmerica

DC – Green Lantern

Really bring out the advancement in audio and video effects used in movies. These movies were highly awaited by fans. The superhero stage is beginning to set for the first time in movies.

Earlier we had Superman, Batman, Spiderman and lately The incredible hulk. The streak was followed by iron man and several sequels of the above but apart from the whole ‘hero saves the day’ plot; these were just centered to their own universe. But in reality [ real  fiction ] , world is one they say.

The new trio release clears this point and tries to bring everything closer by clearing way for multi super hero releases. That’s right – I am talking about “Avengers” and “Justice League”.

In the movie Thor, one is introduced to the mighty Thor, lightning god. Down with his incredible hammer MOZIR, he is ready to pulp out any evil. The movie show cases the original story of Thor, an intro which places thor in the superhero league. The movie also does reference to the Stark Enterprises [Iron Man] and a multi stage seems possible.

Backing the league, there’s Green Lantern filled with the power of self- will, the power of green to beat the powers of fear. And… he succeeds in doing so. However this movie doesn’t provide any reference to the ally heroes (superman, batman, etc.). I begin to think whether they will be going multi or not, but with such a huge fan following and so large a profitable opportunity of movie production, its least likely that dc will back off from justice league. However, it’s a long way to go for and requires more movies in order to introduce flash (which I am very much waiting for), wonder woman and hawk girl.

Last in my list is CaptainAmerica. The movie was cool introduced in world war era. This plot also boasts highly of the stark enterprise and more connections seem to be building. If B related to A and C related to A implies B related to C (associative law).

One thing that killed my mood in these movies was the super fast screenplay. It’s understandable that with a lot of history to these characters, the movie has to show a lot of story in a very limited time and these guys did a good job for that matter. Well, that’s all from my side and I really wish that DC and Marvel will forget their rivalry in the near future to bring down the experience of a lifetime.

** Avengers has already been released.

** Marvel is starting it’s own “The Amazing Spiderman” series to make spidey available for avengers next season.


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