The best dinner I’ve ever eaten

The thought of best dinner brings to my mind exquisite dishes; chilly chicken, fried rice followed by some great dessert; gulab jamun maybe. However, I can easily recreate such an experience in any hotel. Considering this fact, my mind takes me back to the year 2005 when I had such a dinner which is still fresh in my memory.


At that time, I was on a family trip to the Mata Vaishno Devi Temple; which is located at Katra in Jammu and Kashmir. We started the hike early in the morning, moving through one turn after another, filled with enthusiastic chanting of “Jai Mata Di”. At around sunset, we reached the temple at the peak. After offering our prayers, all of us were pretty hungry and the only source of food at that hilltop was hot steaming rajma-chawal. There I was in the moment, after a long day of walk, up on a chilly hill-top, enjoying my hot dinner. That was the best dinner I’ve ever eaten.


Humans of IIMB


Working in the garden near Amphitheatre, are two people Ramesh and Bisla Shetty. They come to campus as early as 5 a.m. and are responsible for keeping our campus green and clean. We may have passed through them in our busy schedule, appreciating the greenery of the campus, seldom realizing about the people responsible for it. Ramesh, who lives around 1 km from the campus, has 3 children and after seeing the students passing through him, wishes that someday his children also walk through this campus. Bisla has four children, all daughters. One of them wants to become an IAS officer and wants to serve the nation. One wants to join the police service and another one wants to become a doctor and treat people. They have aspirations to break through their present state and work for the people. They want support from the government and the institute to meet their aspirations.

My IIMB interview : CAT 2015

*Skip to ACT 2 for the interview experience

ACT 1: Prologue

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”
― Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

In 2015, I quit my job in the month of June to get a fresh perspective on life. I had graduated in 2013 with a degree in mechanical engineering and soon after, joined a core company. The following two years just swooshed past me. In the midst of living by myself and work deadlines, the time was just sucked out of my life. The life which we dream as children, to be independent and hard working individuals of the society; didn’t seem so great after all.

What my core work looked like

Sure, there was a great deal of learning, adventure and excitement in such a venture but I found something missing; it seemed like I am not looking at the big picture. I was foolish enough to think that to change my situation, I have to get out of my current situation first. So, with a pounding heart I called my manager for a meeting and disclosed my intention to leave the company. He was taken aback, this was so sudden and frankly I had no solid reason to quit. But I had made up my mind and said goodbye.

That was the easy part, later I realize that it would have been better to plan an exit strategy; a lesson learned the hard way. First thing I did was to dive in the Indian stock market. It seemed fascinating then and what else I had to do. Hence, for a period of three months I read everything I got my hands on regarding the financial markets and traded actively. I reached a few conclusions from my research (I would like to call it that):

  1. Trading is border-line gambling if you don’t know what you are doing
  2. To make a living with low risk you need loads of capital

Now, there are people who have beaten the odds but they are pretty much countable. So, after all this research I was back to square one. The markets have a simple policy:

“No money, No honey”

See that royal enfield power!

Next up, I ventured in the field of freelancing. How hard can this be? People are earning six figures via freelancing they say; I can make a small fraction of that (Note to self : Do not make fractional assumptions in the future). The big difference I found between freelancing and working at your office was that your roles and responsibilities explode. In an official work environment, you have a particular job to run and you get pretty good at it. However, in a freelancing work environment you have transformed into a small business entity and will be doing everything from searching for clients, making proposals, negotiating, planning, executing, customer care and finally closing the project. If anyone needs a crash course in business, I seriously advise freelancing once. Suffice to say, it is a good way to progress but then again it takes a lot of time and effort to get the few initial good clients in your club who will stick with your good work and spread the word around. After that, I presume the ride would be joyful (no free lunch here).

You get to wear all the caps

Six months have passed in a jiffy since I quit my job and no solid developments yet. I have been gearing up for the CAT exam all along; it could well be the golden ticket. In the month of December, I gave my CAT exam. Fast forward a few months, I had my CAT percentile score: 95.98, not too shabby right? “Wrong”. I was thinking on the lines of maybe I will get admission in some decent college with this score, the top IIMs are out of my league now. One by one all the IIMs started rolling calls for interviews. First comes Kozhikode with “we regret…”, followed by Indore, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Shillong and apparently my CAT score was not good enough to get shortlisted by even the new IIMs. Suddenly, in the middle of all this misery when I had stopped checking status of offers, I receive a mail from IIMB saying “Congratulations …”. Woha! What happened there? Is this a joke? What are the odds?


I knew from early on that this was a long shot, but an opportunity nonetheless. Now, I must tell you that the form to be filled for application is a big form. They ask for everything you got with proofs. It will include three references from your mentors/ professors/ managers and a detailed statement of purpose (SOP). After filling up all that is needed, I submitted my application and waited for the D-Day. Meanwhile, kept filling other forms cause did I tell you this was a long shot?

ACT 2: The interview

I arrive at Hotel Kenilworth on the morning of D-Day via our dependable local railway transport. All the top IIMs conduct their interview in 5-star hotels, so cool if you visit them the first time. I enter the hallway and find a group of suited fellows, getting their documents verified one by one. After the verification is over, we are seated in a room and given writing pads. It’s time for WAT (Written Ability Test). The topic is handed to you and you get about 20 minutes to put your thoughts on paper. My topic:

“Freedom of art forms should be restricted for maintaining the order of law”

After the WAT, interviews start with multiple panels at work. After chatting for a couple of hours with my friend, my turn arrives. I was the last candidate to be interviewed in that slot.

The panel consisted of three persons. There were two professors one male (M) and one female (F); and one alumni (A), possibly of mechanical background. Everyone has laptops open in front of them where they can access all the data you have filled up in your application, the feedback of you references and the SOP.

F: Hello. Did you interact with the other candidates? The one who left before you?

~ Yes, I did.

F: That was very fast, only been a minute. What did you talk about?

~How did it go and about questions you asked him.

F: Don’t worry. We will not ask the same questions (Laughing). So Abhishek, tell me about yourself?

~Generic response, explained my history

F: So you live in Batanagar?

~ It is my hometown. I have been travelling across India as my father serves in defense forces. Currently stay at Barrackpore.

A: Tell us about your work experience.

~Told, explained my projects and responsibilities.

A: Asked details about projects, my freelance work and internship.

~Explained in detail, A seems satisfied.

M: It is a huge gap you have after quitting your job. What have you been up to?

~Told about freelancing and stock market involvement.

M: How much return did you get? Where did you learn from? What is your take on stock markets?

~Told my returns, explained how I self-studied my way into it and shared my views on the markets.

M: So, if the stock price doesn’t change then we can’t make much money?

~Told about writing options and how most of the money is made in this way. Also added why barrier to entry is high in option writing; being a capital intensive process but has lower risk associated. M seems satisfied.

“In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal.”

-Warren Buffett

F: What are your hobbies?

~Talked about martial arts and how I trained in Shaolin Temple India.

Shifu Kanishka in action

F: What can we learn from martial arts that can be applied to the business world?

~ Timing of action and thorough in your attack to take down opponent, lesson learned from sparring sessions.

F: So you will be violent in your business dealings?

~It is all about self-defense and maintaining peace. However, if the occasion arises then I would say offence is the best defense. Elaborated on this point. F seems satisfied.

M: No half-measures (chuckles). So what will you do if you don’t get selected here?

~I have applied to other colleges. However, this is my only IIM call.

M: What if you don’t get selected for MBA this season?

~I will be applying for jobs. Also would be giving my SSB exams for joining Air Force.

M: Suppose you get in both, what will you choose?

~I will join the forces. (Unfortunately, didn’t work out as I was conference out, twice)

Sukhoi Su-30MKI ~ftw

F: Okay Abhishek, that is all. Do you have any questions for us?


M: You may leave now.

~Thank you all

ACT 3: Epilogue

The result day approaches and I receive a mail from PGP IIMB saying “Congratulations , …” and I was like “Hell yeah!”. Parents are happy and proud; after accommodating me for a full year at home they seem really satisfied. I have indeed received a great opportunity; will make the most out of it. I will be joining IIMB in June of 2016, one full year since I quit my job.


The fee for this flagship course is exorbitant but students get good deals on loans. At this point, it has become a bit like game of loans. Let’s figure out what the hype is all about.

My background info for future aspirants

Gender: Male

Degree: Mechanical Engineer (IIT Ropar)

Category: General

X/XII/grad: 93/92/89

Work exp: 25 months (core FEA Analysis @TimetoothTechnologies)

CAT 2015: 95.98

PS-A loud shout out to that special someone who kept my spirits up that day all the way till the interview. I wouldn’t be in the same state of mind if it were not for your company.

I Am Jackie Chan: A Tribute

Jackie Chan, the name needs no introduction. Every person of this generation has seen and enjoyed his movies. Once you start watching his movies, it seems like a hidden dimension of entertainment has just opened up with lots of jaw dropping stunts, awesome kung-fu fights and genius strokes of humor. It is a no-brainer why Jackie is the childhood hero for many of his fans. He inspires to imagine, to dare and to execute.

Of all the movies I have seen, he never takes the easy way out of a situation. He performs the stunts in the most insane and unimaginable way possible and captures them with expert detail. This approach by Jackie leaves his audience fascinated scene after scene. Although it serves to entertain the masses, executing such stunts is no easy task. It has been reported that one of the scenes in Dragon Lord took Jackie over 2000 takes to shoot right !

While we are talking about stunts; let’s look at some from over 60 years of Chan~

Have you ever imagined what goes inside the mind of this genius, what was his life like and how he goes about doing stunts which even the industry professionals have second thoughts about. To get a look into it, you should definitely check out his autobiography: “I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action”. I read it recently and was amazed by his life’s story. It is a great read for everyone and you end up with tons of raw inspiration.

Find the book on Amazon here: Amazon_link

Almost getting adopted at birth, growing up under adverse conditions in Hong Kong, dropping out of school, spending a decade in Opera Training School, working as junior stuntmen, facing recession ; all this and we get our very own Jackie. Our hero conveys that its importance to take chances, more so when you want to make it large. For those who can’t buy the book outright there is an audiobook too. I am setting up a demo file which has a portion of the audiobook. Check it out and remember to buy the book if you find it cool. Find the audiobook link below:

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action [Audiobook]

Jackie Chan’s legacy will last forever!

EFI Calculator: Simulation of Burst Phenomenon in Electrically Exploded Foils

This is a refurbished version of the project I did for the DRDO: TBRL Lab. I have been requested for the working calculator multiple times. Here is refurbished model executable which you can use to make estimates for burst times, current and voltage based upon the foil and circuit parameters. Run this using matlab compiler and you should be good to go. The calculator works for copper, gold and aluminium foil calculations. Hope this helps!


Exploding Foil Initiators are used as detonation devices and employ the foil burst phenomenon in their working. The successful detonation of these devices depends on the foil and circuit parameters. A model has been constructed to describe the exploding foil process and has been utilized to write MATLAB code for simulating the process. This code has been verified by comparing it with experimental data points. Using this source code, a graphical interface has been developed for the end user. This GUI computes foil burst parameters based on certain input values and thus helps in determination of Exploding Foil Behaviour.


The algorithm used in the model is able to solve for the burst parameters and provides realistic results. Further, the graphical interface allows for visualization of patterns in the behaviour of parameters involved in burst phenomenon.

Comparison with experimental values shows that the code works best for copper, then for gold and least accurate for aluminium foils. This is due to the fact that the available property data was specific to copper, while the same parameters had to be reverse engineered from the experimental data in the case of gold and aluminium.

Various simulation parameters can be modified to improve the accuracy of the simulator centred on a particular metal type. By testing with more data points it is possible to obtain more accurate figures for burst temperature, which is the sole determiner of the burst event.

The linear variation of resistance with temperature is an over simplified assumption and requires a temperature averaged thermal coefficient of resistivity. This is different from the available data (valid only at ambient temperature) and calls for a non – linear resistivity model.

The model used is a simple one dimensional model. The assumptions are valid for low burst times but at higher burst times the heat dissipation factors alter the results.

Hence, this model is best suited for Copper foils with burst times below 1 µs.


Detailed Project Report: Scribd

EFI Calculator – MATLAB Executable

Indian Railway Chronicles: Episode 1

I was returning from my vacation spent at barrack pore with my parents. We reached the Sealdha station and about to say goodbyes when I spot a guy wearing the same T-shirt as mine, the same laptop bag too and accompanied by his parents. What are the chances! Mom and I had a burst of laughter on the scene of coincidence. The Sealdah-New Delhi Duronto Express is about to depart; after some painful goodbyes I moved into the train to find my berth, located my seat and voila! That guy is sitting right there. He sees me, I see him; a moment of silent awkwardness broken by a burst of laughter. We get into a conversation and out comes the facts dropping: ‘Hi! My name is Abhinav. I am in third year of mechanical engineering staying in Jaipur’. What are the chances? Let me reiterate: same clothes, same laptop bags, same berth, same engineering field, both accompanied by parents on that day. Whoa!

The gentleman sitting right next to me asked me weather we were in the same collage, that our shirts were a match. This old guy however was an extra-ordinary fellow. He retired the previous year after full service at SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) as a metallurgical executive. He had worked in the Bhilai, Bokaro and Durgapur plants from the starting years. We chatted on and this guy just kept amazing me. He was up to date with all advancements happening in the steel industry. We talked about how the technological advancements are pouring in from other nations and increasing the efficiency of the plants drastically by automating the processes. These advancements provided a safety boost to the industry too.

He mentioned about an incident in which a worker fell into the runner carrying molten iron and evaporated in minutes, about how he himself came close to death while standing below a faulty drain which poured molten metal on his head (he was saved by his helmet). He also talked about an incident in the steel plant where it was panic time and everyone ran off from the plant; and he with a few fellows went ahead and controlled the situation, thereby saving the government from a loss of many crores. This event shaped his future with added recognition and he received a Padma Bhushan for his services. He also traveled to many nations far and wide trying to gain industry knowledge and implementing them in the plants in India.

His recent addition has been carbon filters to be added to the top of chimneys which reduce the plant emissions. Another interesting thought he shared was the effect of a small fractional change into the net output of such a large industrial plant. Once, he had been able to make a full 1.3 % change in the output of the plant by process refinement. This converts to a very huge sum if one looks at the output of a steel plant.

At this point the discussion turned about how addition of a steel plant boosts dozens of industries in the near vicinity of the plant. This has a direct impact on the development of the whole region. How the opening of a single steel plant acts as a catalyst for a host of other industries. For the plant to run, we need power plants, Railways, Construction, Metal Working and many more. Similarly, to make use of the by-products, we need cement industries, energy regeneration plants, road building industries and many more. This may sound like textbook knowledge to some but the way he was saying it, you could feel the voice of the emotion in his speech. All great discussions come to an end and so did this one. All of us parted ways with a good-bye and a bangla slang : ‘Abar dekha hobe’ meaning ‘we will meet again’.

The truth of life ;)

Hello me ,

It is with immense pleasure that I write to you about the truth of life that has been figured by you/me in a dream today. It may seem illogical but it has at the moment got your/mine full gut support and intuition. It is so profound that I am ready to follow it till I cease to live. I am sure you will follow it too, as this is the truth that defines our existence in this mortal and intellectual world. As such there was no need to make a written version of this.

However, due various situations and circumstances, a time may arise when you may feel that this is not the truth and try to find meaning elsewhere. No one knows for sure what the actual truth is, to each his own. In such moments of indecision, I present to you a written version of the truth to ponder upon and decide. You will be the master always. Even if you become a slave for someone, even then you are your own master. Before starting, there is one simple fact that needs to be mentioned: The truth is so profound, huge and clear that I for one may not be able to put it into words, but I will give it a go under this morning sunshine.

“The ultimate truth of life is life goes on, your only task is being happy. Let go off all worries and focus always on the bright side. Fill your heart with passion and work for long lasting happiness. Be instinctive, be thoughtful, be sincere, be a motivator, be ready, be in the moment. There will always be a bright side, focus on that only and you shall relish the truth. Work towards your goals to make this life better. Tragedies are a part of life and will be there to test you. Do not fall, do not stop, keep moving, keep trying. You must try to improve on you as life progresses, you have only got one life and if you are not taking it ahead, you are disrespecting your life. Life is not meant to be disrespected, it’s the single greatest thing that has occurred to you, courtesy of your parents. If you are wasting your time, not putting full effort and not enjoying in the moment; then it shows disrespect to your life. Are you sure you want to do this? People will be there to uplift you, break you, ridicule you, scold you,  curse you, envy you, be an ass to you. You know what, it does’t matter (life goes on). These have not learned their truth yet, so pray in silence for them and move on. There are no hard and fast rules of life but this is all I can put up from my dream. Enjoy the journey, every second’s worth of freedom, embrace change, be adaptable, work smart, train hard and always remember to EXCELSIOR! ”

No one, absolutely no one can avoid the voids of life but you see, the universe is infinite and life goes on. In this space-time continuum you have got more than enough ways to fill that void of your’s, make yourself completely full with life and while at it, you can also fill the voids of others around you. Mother Teresa was here at this point. However some may go for the root cause analysis and preach the truth itself so that everyone can benefit from it. Buddha was here at this point. But the sad thing is, truth of life is a matter which needs immense strength in believing and deep conviction in heart, such that it is not even momentarily disturbed by the tsunami of situations and circumstances brought in by life. You see, life is itself infinite in context. It is very important to choose what to live for as the options are infinite and your choice must be the happy way for you. Show some respect for your existence. Get up and start moving, nah! run wild.

NOTE: Whenever your spirit is low do this : Kame….. Hame…… Haaaaaaa